YouTuber and radio DJ Bram Krikke said on Wednesday that they had brought in a lawyer, because RUMAG sold merchandise with the term 'joe joe' coined by him. The company has since stopped selling these products and has transferred the proceeds to the Red Cross, reports Krikke.

"Meanwhile, RUMAG has taken the items off the website and the amount that has been earned has been transferred to the Red Cross. All's well that ends well," the DJ tweeted.

Krikke registered the term 'joe joe' in 2018 with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP), the trademark registration authority. After Arjen Lubach last Sunday in the broadcast of Sunday with Lubach paid attention to the method of RUMAG, the radio DJ discovered that the company sold merchandise with the said text.

"RUMAG likes to operate in gray areas and makes money from the creativity of another, as the founder himself indicates," Krikke's management told AD . Because Krikke has the intellectual property rights over the statement "joe joe", its use violates copyright.