Huub van der Lubbe thinks De Dijk's music is more suitable for a large audience than the songs he makes as a solo artist. In conversation with De Telegraaf , the foreman of the Dutch-speaking band says that he is in a musically comfortable position with De Dijk.

"I always step into that enormously musically spread bed," says Van der Lubbe. "De Dijk's music is a hundred times richer, more dynamic, more varied and more suitable for a large audience than mine."

Van der Lubbe released his solo album Simpel Verlangen in 2013, partly because there was a demand for the songs he sang during solo performances when De Dijk did not perform. The year before, the singer and poet went on a solo theater tour.

In early March, it was announced that De Dijk will be paying attention to the band's fortieth anniversary on 1 October 2021. Van der Lubbe refused in De Wereld Draait Door to reveal details, but said it would be a "grand" affair.