Kim Holland considers herself the right person to give sex lectures to students of the NHL Stenden University. The former porn actress can draw on experience from all sides of sex and love, she says in conversation with AD on Sunday.

"It is not strange that I give these lessons," said Holland about the lectures she gives from Tuesday on her own initiative. "I know all sides: I have played in porn movies, but I have also 'just' loved and am a mother. I am the person for it."

Holland finds porn something for people over the age of sixteen but does not believe in a ban. "Stronger, then it becomes more exciting", says the fifty-year-old sex coach. "No, the only solution is that parents start a conversation with their children and preferably already in primary school: sixty percent of the twelve to thirteen year olds already regularly watch porn."

In 2014, a student from InHolland University of Applied Sciences conceived the idea of ​​doing an internship at the company of Holland and producing a sex film there. Although the school previously did not see any objections in the internship, the school management decided after the fuss to put a stop to the internship.

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