The racially motivated attack by Hanau has been received internationally with horror and sadness. Nine people were killed in the attack on Wednesday evening. The 43-year-old suspected perpetrator and his mother also died. The perpetrator left behind video messages and a kind of manifesto with racist, confused thoughts. Heads of state and government call for the fight against racism and hatred.


The killed have Turkish, Bulgarian, Bosnian and Romanian roots, among others. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed condolences to the families of the victims early on. "I believe that the German authorities will make every effort to illuminate the attack in all aspects," he said. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the act as a "malicious attack". He was a "new and serious impact of growing racism and Islamophobia". It was time to stop such attacks.

Turkish ambassador Ali Kemal Aydin told CNN Türk: "We suffer. It is really a black day for Germany". The act cannot be reduced to just one person; connections to the backers must be sought. He reminded of the murders of the terrorist cell "National Socialist underground" (NSU). The German authorities would have to fully clarify the crime.


President Emmanuel Macron expressed his condolences at the EU summit in Brussels. When he arrived at the meeting of heads of state and government, he spoke of "moving thoughts of our German friends after the Hanau shootout". In this "moment of mourning" France is in solidarity with Germany, said Macron. It is important to act against hatred and racism


"It was a hideous right-wing terrorist attack that took place here in Germany," said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. "It also shows us that it is important that we fight against all forms of radical ideas in Europe."


Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio also expressed his condolences. At the same time, he stated in a tweet in German that Italy was on Germany's side in the fight against extremism.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tweeted that he was deeply shaken. His sympathy is "with the families of the victims of an insane hatred that has no respect for human life".

In a letter of condolence to President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President Sergio Mattarella recalled the shared values ​​of democracy in Europe. "The Federal Republic knows that it can always count on the full support of Italy when it comes to defending together and with the greatest determination the principles of tolerance, respect and integration, which are the essence of democracy and the foundation of the highest and irrefutable values the European Union, "the letter said.


EU Council President Charles Michel was horrified on Twitter:

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter that "xenophobia and racism have no place in Europe".