The right-wing extremist attack in Hanau, the reasons for it and possible consequences are discussed in all media. Most people agree on one thing: the AfD shares responsibility for the right-wing acts of violence. "You have to act against them with all permitted means," writes Edo Reents for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "It is no longer enough to insure that you will oppose the right-wing terrorism wherever it appears - it may no longer show itself. It is the turn of the state."

The Federal Government is also responsible for the Süddeutsche Zeitung . But state action alone is not enough. "Everyone and everyone has a duty," comments Kurt Kister. This starts with bad jokes and does not stop when everyday racism is accepted without contradiction. "You have to name things clearly, for example: If you vote for the AfD, you put yourself in the right corner because you also vote for the right-wing extremists that exist in this party."

The world does not want to put the AfD under general suspicion, "but that there is a connection between right-wing hate preachers and extreme right-wing acts of violence is undeniable." Axel Springer boss Mathias Döpfner therefore calls for a more consistent, comprehensive and critical observation of the AfD by the constitutional protection in the newspaper. In addition, the rule of law must be strengthened. "As banal as it is: more money for the police, the judiciary and secret services protecting democracy."

"Stop this trivialization of terrorists"

Stefan Reinecke in the taz - the daily newspaper calls for caution with such accusations in memory of the RAF times and the then talk of intellectual arsonists, but the reactions of the AfD are bottomless. "The AfD cannot draw a clear line to violence because it would then have to recognize the echo chambers in its own hate rhetoric in the murderous worldview of murderers."

The Bild newspaper does not make any reference to the AfD. It focuses on calls for measures such as stricter gun laws or a tougher act against hate comments on the Internet. The talk of sick individual offenders in connection with right-wing violence is also criticized. "Put an end to this trivialization of terrorists. Those who arm themselves and hunt for people know what they are doing. (...) Germany is the last country that right-wing extremism can dismiss as a side effect of a mental illness."

In the racist attack, a German shot nine people in Hanau, Hesse, on Wednesday evening. Subsequently, the 43-year-old marksman is said to have killed his 72-year-old mother and himself. The man had a "deeply racist outlook", said Attorney General Peter Frank. This resulted in the evaluation of video messages and a kind of manifest on its website. The fatalities were between 21 and 44 years old and had an immigration background. The perpetrator injured six other people, one seriously. On Thursday evening people gathered in many cities for vigils.