Greenland wants to sell the meltwater created by climate change. "Our target group is commercial companies," Greenland's energy minister Jess Svane told Tagesspiegel . It is clear that climate change is contributing to the melting of the ice, Svane said. "But it also ensures that the world's water shortage will increase."

Scientists found in December that Greenland's massive ice sheet is melting faster than expected. According to a study published in Nature magazine, 3.8 trillion tons of ice have melted since 1992. The sea level has since risen by 10.6 millimeters worldwide due to the melting of the ice surface.

According to Svane, the Greenland government has recognized "that we can turn it into a marketable product that is lacking elsewhere". According to the United Nations World Water Report published in March 2019, more than two billion people had no safe access to drinking water. "We want to expand and share our water with the rest of the world," said Svane.

So far, according to Svane, there are nine projects that have received licenses to export water. A total of 16 licenses for water extraction are put out to tender. According to Svane, companies decide which markets the Greenlandic water is exported to.