The Andy Warhol Foundation is releasing for the first time dozens of erotic portraits of young men that Andy Warhol (1928-1987) drew in the 1950s. The foundation did not do this before because of the homophobia the artist received when he wanted to exhibit the works, reports The Guardian on Sunday.

Warhol's drawings show young men during intimate moments. Some can be seen in loving hugs or during more explicit acts.

A part of Warhol's drawings, with the theme of love, sex and desire, can be seen from 12 March to 6 September in the Tate Modern Museum in London. In the summer the book Andy Warhol: Early Drawings of Love, Sex and Desire is published through publishing house Taschen.

Warhol tried to exhibit his erotic drawings in New York in the 1950s. Research for the book showed that the artist was confronted with homophobia and rejections by gallery owners.


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