Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools are going to renew their wedding vows. The cook wants to get married again in June, when they have been married for twenty years.

"I am going to make delicious food, try to make the guests a little drunk and we are going to dance," says the 44-year-old British television chef in conversation with People. "My wife loves doing that."

According to Oliver it is not going to be a big party, with around a hundred guests. Among them of course also their five children Poppy (17), Daisy (16), Petal (10), Buddy (9) and River (3).

"Our entire family was present at our previous marriage. Now we only invite those we love the most, who are closest to us," Oliver explains. "It is a great opportunity to get our loved ones together so that we can thank them."

Oliver and his wife are already together before the cook gained fame thanks to his television series The Naked Chef . "It's not always easy," he says about their marriage. "She finds me annoying about 40 percent of the time, but fortunately not for the rest of the time."