Rob Janssen is the face of the RadioGala for the second time. The event is stirring a lot this year because nominees Bram Krikke, Mattie Valk and Marieke Elsinga have asked their many followers to vote for them. But according to Janssen, that media hype is a sign that the gala is alive among the public, he says in conversation with

"That a kind of media hype has arisen - that Wilfred Genee reacts again to the hype with its own song (Veronica Inside made a parody of a John de Bever song, ed.) And that the media write about it - only shows that the RadioGala lives among people, "says Janssen.

The presenter, who can be heard with two programs on NPO3FM, emphasizes that in addition to the audience prizes, the Marconi Awards will also be presented. These prizes are awarded by a professional jury. "That too is part of the RadioGala. And when it comes to audience prices: that's just how it works. If you happen to have a large audience, then you have that advantage."

Janssen himself has no preference for a winner. "That the best people can win. I am glad that so many people are busy with it and that even songs for the gala are composed."

The presenter plans to give the evening a relaxed atmosphere on Thursday. "Last year I was really nervous," Janssen admits. "In general it is no problem for me to stand on stage. But with all those colleagues around me I thought: shit, I am now standing here. Because of this I was a bit stiff in it, but now I want it to be lighter I feel like rioting. "

Also nominations for Ekdom and Van Someren

The prizes will be awarded on Thursday evening at the fourteenth edition of the Golden Radio Ring Gala. There are three different categories. The Zilveren RadioSter for women, the Zilveren RadioSter for men and the Gouden RadioRing. The latter prize goes to the best radio program of 2019.

Among the nominees are radio DJs Valk and Elsinga with their program Mattie & Marieke on Qmusic, Gerard Ekdom with his morning show Ekdom in de Morgen and radio DJ Rob van Someren with his program Somtijd (both can be heard on Radio 10). Also Veronica Inside , the presenters Krikke and Tom van der Weerd from the program Club Ondersteboven on SLAM! are nominated.

The Marconi Awards are also presented, in the categories upcoming talent, best channel and online. It was previously announced that Sjors Fröhlich may receive the Marconi Oeuvre Award.