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Back-fold timeline: DJ Khaled 'the best' and Kim Kardashian relieved


Well-known Dutch people and foreign celebrities regularly give a glimpse into their lives through social media. shares updates all day long that place the stars.

Well-known Dutch people and foreign celebrities regularly give a glimpse into their lives through social media. shares updates all day long that place the stars.

Stay informed of what the stars share on social media? In the Achterklap timeline we give a glimpse into the life of well-known Netherlands and abroad.

8 minutes ago

DJ Khaled shares a snapshot of his newborn son Alam and his big brother Asahd for the first time. "We the Best!" the producer adds the cry that he often makes on his songs.

BROTHERS! ASAHD! And AALAM! Jan 20. 2020Time 11: 42 pm.AALAM8 pounds 4 ouncesWE THE BEST! 🤲🏽 MORE LOVE MORE BLESSINGS!

Avatar AuthordjkhaledMoment of places03: 52 - January 29, 2020

an hour ago

Kim Kardashian is happy that things are going well again between her car passengers. Anyone with brothers or sisters can remember the arguments in the backseat of the car.

They get along now

Avatar Author Kimkardashian Moment of Places 21: 40 - 28 January 2020

an hour ago

Jan Smit, together with Edsilia Rombley and Chantal Janzen, had his first presentation job for the Eurovision Song Contest. He is proud of his team.

I am so proud to be a part of this fantastic team! Eur # EurovisionSongContest2020

Avatar AuthorjansmitMoment of places18: 59 - January 28, 2020

yesterday at 8:11 PM

The twins of actress Sanne Vogel are exactly one month old today. She looks back on a loving period. Her partner went back to work for Monday for the first time, but Vogel thinks the five days of paternity leave that men get is far too little.

Today Loewy and Bella are exactly one month old and they are doing extremely well! They are so sweet and familiar, as if they were always there. Yesterday Melchior went back to work for the first time. The 5-day paternity leave that men receive was of course far too little. Certainly with twins and a mother who has to recover from caesarean section. But Melchior had saved some vacation days and has a fantastic employer who has given him extra leave. I could not have done it without him before, not without him. It is unbelievably important that a father also gets the time to get to know his children and to build a bond. That you have the time to form a new team as parents. Team puke, Team poop, Team skin on skin, Team 100 washes, Team feeding, Team the cat must meet, Team baby hug, Team cat hug, Team groceries, Team maternity visit, Team what we eat tonight, Team broken up nights, Team f * ckhetwc paper is on , Team love! Now that that team is strong enough, Melchior can work with peace of mind and I can run this circus with confidence and the help of many friends and family. # 1 month # twins # team # winwin # love # leave # new family photo @orsolyakarancz

Avatar Authorsannevogel Moment of places 18: 32 - 28 January 2020

yesterday at 6:05 PM

On Friday the new Moon album, called Inunderstanding, will be released . To celebrate that, the singer has made a video for each song. She is positive about it!

On Friday my very first album 'UNVERASTABLE' will be released and to celebrate that we made a video for each track. I am now viewing everything and I likeyyyyy 🐼🧁💕 wait another 3 days 🦩

Avatar of places17: 43 - January 28, 2020

yesterday at 5:21 PM

Tony Junior says he doesn't like fitness. Yet he makes a try on Tuesday evening.

i don't like fitness, who's with me !?

Avatar AuthortonyjuniorofficialMoment of places17: 06 - 28 January 2020

yesterday at 2:50 PM

Famke Louise goes for a day with the Dirk Kuyt Foundation, the charity that supports projects and organizes events for people with a disability. The artist is having a great time and is taking a ride through the gym.

What a fantastic day😍 @dirkkuytfoundation @kuyt -

Avatar Authorfamkelouise_Moment of places15: 32 - 26 January 2020

yesterday at 1:48 PM

Rudolph van Veen broke through as 'house cook' at Life & Cooking , but even now that the program no longer exists, the cook still works with Irene Moors. The presenter works for Foodfirst Network, the food platform that Van Veen launched and congratulates her colleague on his 53rd birthday.

It is my dear colleague and friend Rudolph van Veen's birthday 🎉 Toast Rudolph and feel free to take a nice piece of cake 😘 # 80/20 rule #muse ordinary #foodfirstnetwork @rudolphvanveen_official @foodfirstnetwork

Avatar Authorirene_moorsMoment of places09: 39 - January 28, 2020

yesterday at 12:20

Exciting day for Edsilia Rombley: together with Jan Smit and Chantal Janzen, she presents the draw for the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcast can be followed live at 16.10 on YouTube and on NPO1.

Excitement all over! OdayToday the Semi-Final Allocation Draw for @eurovision will take place in Rotterdam. You can watch it live on YouTube or NPO 1 (Dutch television) from 16:10 CET. Link via IG Stories. #Eurovision

Avatar Authoredsiliarombley Moment of Places 11: 55 - January 28, 2020

yesterday at 11:47

Nielson needs surgery on Tuesday for a so-called flap operation. The singer reassures his fans, there is no tinkering with his ears. A flap surgery is a surgical treatment that is performed on the gums. In a week, Nielson will be "the guy again," he writes.

Custard flap.

Avatar Auteurnielsonmusic Moment of places 10: 58 - January 28, 2020

yesterday at 11:40 AM

A day after Boef announced that he and his fiancé Selma Omari were separated after a year, the rapper shared a photo that was taken in a sunny location. Boef (real name Sofiane Boussaadia) shows that she has already found a new love.


Avatar Author's Author Moment of Places 10: 52 - January 28, 2020

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