Nightwish, the band of singer Floor Jansen, releases a new album on April 10th. The album is called HUMAN. : II: NATURE. and is the successor of Endless Forms Most Beautiful that appeared in 2015.

HUMAN. : II: NATURE. is the band's ninth album and contains two discs. The first disc contains nine songs, while the second consists of a single song, divided into eight chapters.

Jansen, who has been the voice and face of Nightwish since 2012, only broke through to the general public in the Netherlands last year thanks to her participation in Best Singers . Her renditions of, among others, the songs Phantom of the Opera and Shallow by Lady Gaga were well received.

In January, the singer goes on a tour with the Dutch singers , together with Henk Poort, with whom she sang a duet during Best Singers . On March 24 she will be in AFAS Live in Amsterdam. An international tour with Nightwish starts in April. On November 23 and 24 she is in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome with the band.

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