Anyone who ever drinks a red wine knows the danger. Spilling means deep red or purple stains on your clothes, couch or carpet. How do you get it out again?

According to the Netherlands Institute for Alcohol Policy, the average Dutch person over the age of eighteen in 2018 drank around 25 liters of wine. Those are a lot of glasses, where something can go wrong every time. With red wine that is more annoying than with white wine, because of the red dye that leaves deep red spots, says household coach Els Jacobs.

Wine stains in the carpet, according to Yvette Janssen of the household blog SpillMyTea, are common. "Especially on weekends when people relax with a glass of wine at home on the couch, something still sometimes goes wrong."

What can you do best if you have spilled red wine?

According to her, that is especially annoying because then "a little chaos" arises, which makes it go wrong. "People are starting to pick up on everything, everyone thinks they know the trick and a lot is being done. The best thing to do is to stay calm, but act quickly."

"Pour whole milk or coffee milk on the stain, the fat removes the wine from the fabric." Yvette Janssen, blogger SpillMyTea

Janssen has learned a trick from her grandmother. "Grab some whole milk or coffee milk and pour it on the stain. You dip the milk on it and repeat this until the wine stain has completely disappeared. The fat removes the wine from the dust."

If you don't have milk, Janssen can also use salt or cat litter. Then according to the household blogger you have to act faster, because these products only absorb the wine that has not been drawn into the substance.

Jacobs also knows the trick of the milk, but according to her you should then rinse the rug or carpet well with water and clean it with a special carpet cleaner. "Otherwise it will soon smell like sour milk."

"A good pile of salt also helps to remove red wine stains." Els Jacobs, household coach

Jacobs therefore uses two other ways to remove red wine stains. "First, pour the stain as quickly as possible with unsweetened sparkling water, such as Spa red, until the red color completely disappears. The sparkling water dilutes the red dye and the carbon dioxide breaks down the stain slightly. Then pat the wet spot dry thoroughly with kitchen paper or a old towel. "

The second tip is, as Janssen also said, immediately sprinkle the stain with a large pile of salt. "Wait patiently for the salt to completely absorb the red wine and then vacuum the salt up with the vacuum cleaner."

What should you not do with red wine stains?

It is sometimes said that you can remove red wine stains with white wine, but Janssen does not recommend this method. "The fruit juices in the white wine can also make stains again. You fight fire with fire."

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According to Janssen, the most common mistake with red wine stains is rubbing the stain. "Then you just push the spot deeper in. Instead, you better dab."

According to Janssen, speed is the most important thing. According to her, the faster you tackle the stain, the easier it is to remove it. Preparation is half the battle. "If you buy a bottle of wine next time, then be sure to bring a pack of salt and a bottle of soda water."