The last "Literary Quartet" and a UK special © Paula Winkler

Yes, the onlookers have announced a big special episode with the best British television for this episode, but life has gotten in their way. Because just now ran the very last literary quartet in old cast. Westermann and Weidermann stop, and their departure was beautiful, funny, a little touching and very relaxed. Just as literature on the television is never really.
In addition, Netflix is ​​running the feature film Marriage Story , which has made Passmann and Kalle very happy. It's about love, despair, everyday life, a bit of hate and eventually a lot of indifference. There are two of the best leading roles in a long time and six nominations for the Golden Globe . Big Netflix!

And because everyday life is over, the onlookers finally devote their time to Great Britain. Of course, it's about The Crown , which touches Kalle, but for Passmann consists mainly of rich people and bloody cough. The two try to explain why the crime series Broadchurch makes everything right and never gets bored. It's about Sherlock, which finally gives Passmann the opportunity to talk about the as yet unknown young actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and Kalle can summarize again why Black Mirror can be good television.