Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Woe present an alternative National News quiz on NPO 3 on Boxing Day, they told Tuesday at Pauw .

The two comedians were approached by Jack Spijkerman with the idea for a 2019 news quiz with questions about strange and bizarre reports that appeared in the media during the year, but were probably not noticed by anyone. Van der Laan about that: "That's how he collected a hundred messages. With the help of various comedians we get to work on it."

Last Saturday the provisional final episode of their successful television program Even was broadcasted here . With that musical satirical program, the two attracted more than a million viewers every week. Woe said that the program returns in April with seven episodes. "For now I am glad that it is no longer necessary. There is always a fear that one day it will not be possible to make a sort of small musical based on the current news and therefore have an opinion about it. "

Tell me it's schnitzel

Van der Laan and Woe receive many positive reactions to the program in which various Dutch artists parody their own hit as a recurring element. Van der Laan: "That started with the idea of ​​having Frank Boeijen instead of Tell me that it is not so than Tell me that it is schnitzel to sing. Then we also cast old hits in a new jacket for other artists based on For example, Stef Bos' Papa became Shawarma ... with cheese, fries, lettuce and sauce ... "

The alternative National News Quiz can be seen on NPO 3 on December 26, Boxing Day, from 8.30 p.m.