Former television presenter Frank Masmeijer has sent his ex-wife Sandra Birsak flowers from prison for their wedding anniversary. Charlotte and Michelle Masmeijer, the daughters of Frank Masmeijer, said that in an interview with RTL Boulevard on Tuesday.

Masmeijer, 58, was sentenced to nine years in prison in June this year for involvement in drug trafficking. He has been in prison in Belgium for over a year.

Frank Masmeijer and his ex-wife got divorced in 2017 after a 27-year marriage. According to Masmeijer, the couple did not separate with a fight. Birsak regularly visits the former television presenter in prison. Charlotte: "They were married for 30 years on 2 September, when he had sent flowers. Then she was completely happy."

His daughters also visit him regularly. They feel no anger or resentment towards him. "I never asked my father: are you a criminal? I didn't want to know. Whether he did it or not: he remains my father," says Charlotte.

Masmeijer denied for a long time that he had anything to do with drug smuggling, but said he had played a "limited role" at the end of 2018 in an attempt to smuggle 467 kilos of cocaine from Colombia.