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The image went around the world: Mon Laferte showing his chest on the red carpet of the Latin Grammys with the message "In Chile you torture, rape and kill yourself." But the singer is not an upstart or a newcomer. Born in Viña del Mar in 1983, she has become in the last three or four years one of the great stars of the Latin scene, with a long career behind her and constant tours of Europe and America. Taking advantage of the release of his new single, Plata ta tá and the dust raised after his naked claim, he answers the phone from Mexico City , where he has been living for a long time.

Did you imagine that your protest was going to have such an impact? I wanted it, but I couldn't imagine that I was going to reach countries like France, Denmark or Germany, where they are calling me from. It is important because Chile is a small place that is not known much. How would you explain to someone who does not know the situation what is happening in your country? It is long to explain, but essentially I would tell you that everything comes from the coup Pinochet state in 1973. When his regime ended and it was assumed that a certain democracy was going to come, what happened was that a neoliberal constitution was approved that allowed privatizing all the essential elements of a country: health, water, education ... That resulted in a terrible social inequality that has been the germ of what happened. Then, more specifically, the rise in the price of the metro to 2.5o dollars triggered a wave of protests by the youngest. People who did not know the dictatorship and, therefore, could not expect repression by the government of Sebastián Piñera after curfew and disobedience of the people. It must be said that in Chile people are being killed, they are losing eyes because of the pellets and in the rest of the world it is not known. Luckily, thanks to the Internet you can know more. You were a Latin Grammy candidate. Did you feel it was the perfect place to raise awareness about Chile? I have to explain that I came directly from my country, to be part of the demonstrations. Grammy, of course, made me very excited, but I felt ridiculous being in Las Vegas, on a red carpet, celebrating ... It didn't make any sense that I didn't say anything, as if everything was fine. I could not sleep peacefully without doing anything. I cited the Internet as a means of knowing reality. However, paradoxically, her naked image from the waist up has been censored by some platforms and social networks ... But in reality it does not bother the nude, but the message. If I had gone with an impressive dress, with transparencies, it would not seem bad to anyone. I had had problems with censorship before, as in his song Shit Song , in which he speaks of menstruation. How do you live it? There is still a big taboo on the female body. But I feel that it is becoming smaller, especially by the new generations, who are teaching their elders how to behave. He was born in a very humble neighborhood of Viña del Mar. What do you remember from those years? Yes, in the dictatorship from Pinochet. At that time, a kind of tiny house was given to families. They were unfinished, leaking on all sides, without running water or heating. My parents had very little, but between the two they managed to finish the house. Some may say that I complain from a privileged position and it is true, now I am: but all that I have achieved has been through work and effort. I don't forget where I come from and what I've lived in. In Spain, Rosalia recently demonstrated against the Vox ultra-right party and received some criticism for doing so from a private jet ... Yes, but I'm sure she doesn't either Nobody has given him his position. In any case, I think that we are too aware of our neighbors and that we should devote ourselves more to looking at ourselves. He participated as a young man in a television talent . Did you feel that music could be an economic escape route? Yes. Keep in mind that my family could not pay me for a university, so I had to manage to collaborate at home. When the television opportunity appeared, I didn't doubt it. Not that he made me a millionaire, but he allowed us to live better. Then he moved to Mexico. What did he find there that Chile didn't have? After my experience on TV I knew that I had to find another creative path. It was a journey of personal inspiration in which I had to start from scratch and worry about reaching the end of the month, playing where I could, also on the street, although this time by my own decision, have these experiences allowed you to better build your career? Yes, although I'm constantly making mistakes (laughs). What he taught me is not to be afraid. Since I never had anything, I feel I have nothing to lose. That helps me to experiment with styles, such as my new reggaeton-protest and to try to follow my own path.

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