Roger Hallam, co-founder of the climate change movement Extinction Rebellion, has apologized for his statements in the ZEIT about the Holocaust. "I'm very sorry for the words I used," he wrote on Facebook. "And I apologize for the injury and the insult they have caused."

Roger Hallam relativized the Holocaust in the ZEIT and described the German attitude as harmful. "The extent of this trauma can paralyze," warned the 52-year-old. "That prevents you from learning."

He wanted to achieve exactly the opposite of downplaying the Holocaust. He had referred to it to point out the "unimaginable tragedy" that climate change triggers. Europe said "never again" after the Holocaust, but the dramatic effects of climate change are being downplayed.

In the interview, he deviated from the topic of climate change in an unnecessary debate on how to classify the Holocaust in relation to other genocides. "I do not think I have to apologize for the attention I have given to the genocide that is happening right now, we have to learn from the past."