The British Julia Evans (35), who has been together with Raymond van Barneveld (52) since the spring, still sees a long future with the darter ahead. Evans does not exclude her from marrying him.

In Art about the Floor, Evans tells us that she hopes to be able to spend a lot of time with the darter, who will say goodbye to darts after the World Cup in December in London. "Without that pressure."

However, children are not in the offing for the couple, Evans says. "But I want to grow old with him. I don't rule out marriage."

Evans and Van Barneveld met at a darts tournament in Southampton. "We started talking and chatted with each other for a while. There was a real click, which surprised me too," says the British.

In March this year, the darter was captured by tabloid The Sun together with the British woman, which led to an enormous amount of media attention. "That was overwhelming and I did not expect that," Evans continues.

When asked why she fell in love with Van Barneveld, Evans says: "For everything. How we are together, he is patient and sweet. I understand him and he me. I think we fit well together."

"I am very happy with Julia"

52-year-old Van Barneveld, who is in his last year as a professional darter, is very happy with his new relationship. "It's less in sports now, but I'm very happy with Julia. If I could turn it around, I wouldn't do it."

"She has humor, a busy job, loves good food, is not a difficult person," says Van Barneveld about his new girlfriend. "She likes everything and we can laugh together."

The daughters of Van Barneveld have not yet met Evens. "I leave that to themselves."

The darter announced early this year that after a 25-year marriage he will be divorcing his wife Silvia, with whom he has two children. In April he announced that he had a new relationship.