Prince Andrew believes he has disappointed his family by staying with multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who is convicted of sexual misconduct. This behavior "is unseemly for a member of the British royal family," said the British Duke of York in a Friday-released excerpt of a Thursday-recorded interview with the BBC, which broadcasts that broadcaster on Saturday.

The British prince has been under fire for months because of his ties with Epstein. This American businessman, in anticipation of his lawsuit over the sexual exploitation and abuse of dozens of underage girls, put an end to his life in August at the age of 66.

Looking back on his decision to stay with Epstein, after Epstein was first convicted for visiting prostitution in 2007, the prince regrets. "I blame myself for that every day. It is unseemly for a member of the British royal family. We are trying to uphold the highest rules of conduct and I have disappointed my family. It's that simple."

The full interview with Prince Andrew can be seen on BBC2 on Saturday at 10 p.m. Dutch time.

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