Monitoring the quality of popular television series is not always easy. The makers of De 12 van Oldenheim were looking for a solution: in the second season they started a whole new story with a new cast. The actors are happy with it.

"You often see it happen: series are produced with success", says actress Fockeline Ouwerkerk in conversation with "As soon as there are enough people watching, it is decided that a second season can come and soon a logical follow-up has to be written. Often that does not go so well. I found that reassuring to De 12 : the story is after this season and very good. You do not run the risk that they will spread it because it works so well and that they then make the story less strong. "

A completely separate story has been made for the second season of De 12 , as the makers of American series such as True Detective , American Crime Story and American Horror Story have done before. The new season tells about two teenagers whose loss is in the grip of the village of Schouwendam. More than twenty years after their disappearance, a man appears in the village who could be the missing Olaf (Gijs Naber). And everyone who has known Olaf seems to be hiding something about the evening of his disappearance.

The actors from the first season are not coming back and there is also no storyline associated with the previous season. That is how the cast of De 12 van Schouwendam , which includes Ouwerkerk, Naber, Huub Stapel, Carine Crutzen and Benja Bruijning, starts with a clean slate.

"The circle was completed after one season. And now we are starting a new circle, which is then also complete. I like that myself: you know in advance that this story will be well told", according to Stapel, the father of the disappeared Olaf is playing.


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"Does your character already know this?"

The actors are all united when it comes to why they wanted to participate in De 12 : the script and the fellow actors. For example, Crutzen, who plays a detective who is brought to the village to get involved in the investigation of the missing, was regularly on the set with Naber. The two have known each other for years and had to constantly consult each other.

Naber: "It's very difficult to play. You have different laws that you work with: what can the viewer know, what does the character know, what do we know about each other and what can the other know and what do you know? We constantly have discussed with each other and the directors what was useful now and what was not: a silence or an outburst of anger? That squabbling is very cool, but also complicated. "

The fact that the actors do not play the scenes in chronological order is an additional challenge. "We have a number of interrogations and then I confront him with things. Gijs can play it in different ways: as someone who lets it all come in or as someone who finds it annoying that he is approached again by such a woman and angry But because you mix everything up, you don't know exactly what is appropriate when and so you run different versions to keep those options. "

By including those different versions, the actors are not entirely sure which option is ultimately chosen. That makes it exciting to look back. Crutzen: "We indicate our favorites and we really choose from them, but that can be two very different options."

"The magic is on the editing table, because actors can be made and broken in such a place. It can work to your advantage or to your disadvantage. You wouldn't think so, but actors are also people. So you can sometimes have a good day and sometimes a very good day. But when they edit, they sometimes look at and use only one element, which is sometimes exciting. "

The 12 van Schouwendam can be seen at Videoland from Tuesday 12 November