New films and series appear on Videoland every week. This week includes Christmas at Koosje , The Commuter and Killer Skies .

Series and programs

Horror tenants and Huisjesmelkers - 7 November

In this British reality series, quarrels between tenants and landlords are filmed. Because of the ongoing housing crisis in the United Kingdom, many conflicts arise. For which injustice is a solution sought this time?

Christmas at Koosje - November 8

The Koosje family hotel organizes a large Christmas dinner every year. This year it will be taken over by the daughters of Koosje, and that is quite a chaos.

The voice of Holland - November 9

Who is going to win this time? If you don't have time on Friday to see The Voice of Holland , you can always look back on the talent show on Videoland.

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H3L - November 11

Five middle school students are being followed in class H3L, also called "hell for teachers". These students only play mischief and gossip about their 'friends'. Tongues, courtship, school parties and homework: it is all covered in this teenage drama.


View the H3L trailer here: every teacher's nightmare

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The Commuter - November 6

Micheal is forced to solve a mystery in the train. However, he discovers that he is part of a criminal plan that puts his life and that of other passengers at stake. To save everyone, Michael puts everything in everything.

Dark Skies - November 9

A couple is terrorized by an extraterrestrial presence that sits on their children every night. The couple are forced to save their offspring on their own, because family and friends do not want to believe them.

Killer Elite - November 10

Danny gets into trouble when his best friend Hunter is abducted by an Arab sheikh. To save Hunter, Danny must commit a murder. Of course he would rather not do that, so he is looking for a way out to save his friend.


Theo Maassen: End of Exercise - November 7

Theo Maassen launches his hard jokes back on stage. This performance is from 2013, but is worth looking back.