André Hazes and his girlfriend Monique Westenberg have ended their relationship. The couple has been apart for several months, the management of the singer confirms Saturday.

"With grief André Hazes confirms that he and Monique Westenberg are separated", a statement on behalf of the 25-year-old singer and 41-year-old Westenberg states. "The break already dates from a few months ago but they have done their best to go for it together. Unfortunately that was not the case. A terribly difficult choice that many tears have passed, but for now this is the best decision . Loving there is still plenty and will always stay there. "

Hazes and Westenberg were a couple since 2014. In October 2016, they became parents of a son whom they called André. In the summer of 2018 they took a relationship break, which lasted about a year.

The former lovers say they put their son first in the statement. "Their main goal in life is the happiness of André Hazes Jr. and everything will continue to revolve around it."

Westenberg: 'another woman in the game'

According to Westenberg, Hazes has feelings for someone else. "Today André told me through an app that he has feelings for another woman he has been in contact with for a while. Who this is makes it even more painful," said Hazes' ex on Saturday Instagram. "The fact that the decision to release his press release has now been made has everything to do with this."

"The press release that has just been released on behalf of André's management is quite painful for me," Westenberg continues. "In the past weeks, after a bad summer, we had another great time and our son was very happy that Dad was around us so much and that makes a mother's heart very happy.
Last week we had a good conversation, after which we decided to put an end to our relationship. The reason for this is because it is not possible to make agreements on certain characteristics that are necessary to have a balance not only as an artist but also as a family. "

"I have not yet had the time to give this a place, including the most important: the time and the peace to try and explain it to our son," said Westenberg. "I would now like to get the peace and quiet to try and explain this to my son in a calm way and to process it all."