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Gossip overview: Bonje between Anouk and Lil 'Kleine and Britt and Angela


Anouk and Lil 'Kleine can no longer work together, Jan de Hoop is taken off the pipe and Britt Dekker cannot stand criticism. An overview of the entertainment world of last week.

Anouk and Lil 'Kleine can no longer work together, Jan de Hoop is taken off the pipe and Britt Dekker cannot stand criticism. An overview of the entertainment world of last week.

In life you meet people with whom it does not conflict. Not everyone looks at the world in the same way and that is fine, but that sometimes causes serious collisions. Quarreling is never fun and in the workplace that is even more problematic: it not only affects those involved, but also every other colleague in between.

Well-known Dutch people are ultimately only people, so things sometimes go wrong with them. The audience often expects the actors, singers and presenters of this world to always be pleasant, but the fact remains that those people sometimes suffer from a lesser day.

An exchange of words can be enormously relieving: just get rid of all bad thoughts and we will continue again. But if it is two people who have not fallen on their mouths anyway, things can get out of hand and we saw that happen last week at Anouk and Lil 'Kleine.

The singer would have said during the recording of The Voice of Holland that she does not think the rapper is such a good coach, and that of course has completely gone down the wrong way with him. RTL Boulevard was told that Lil 'Kleine then chose to call his colleague "for the oldest profession in the world, in combination with a serious illness". You can decide for yourself what that was exactly.

That there is quite a bit of benefit in such a riot, because people turn on the television to watch how the jury members fight each other out of the tent, is of course a bonus, but the problems will be greater. If two people absolutely do not want to be together in one room, which currently seems to be the case, it is difficult to film another final.

It's not up to Lil 'Kleine, he made it clear on Thursday in De Coen & Sander show: he just wants to continue. "I want to focus on The Voice . I am not in the mood for a fight. I think the media has expressed enough, I think Anouk has expressed enough and I will leave it at that. If you know I don't come for a fight, but just for The Voice . "

RTL is hopeful that the weather will be fine, but the cold is not out of the sky yet. Fortunately, they have a little more: the live shows will only be recorded in 2020.


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Totally lost hope or not?

Everyone granted Jan de Hoop: after 30 years of bringing the news to people's homes, now finally his own television program. The newsreader at the Breakfast News presented a quiz at RTL 5 and everyone had to watch.

But where Jans' fan base is huge, it turned out not to be large enough to reach the viewers. The first episode of Jan Houdt Hoop was viewed by 173,000 people and was completely written down by reviewers.

According to critics, the program was far below the level of the Dutch favorite newsreader and it was actually unacceptable that it was still being broadcast. Anyone who thought that this was possible on television was completely crazy.

Jan himself thought so too. After the broadcast, he called RTL boss Peter van der Vorst and asked to immediately stop broadcasting the program.

"I was so dissatisfied with the end result that I asked Peter van der Vorst to take it off the screen. He also didn't like it and decided to stop it immediately. We keep talking about a program that makes us happy", Jan stated on Twitter.

His colleagues thought it was a bit strange. Didn't Jan realize during the recordings that it wasn't that good? Or at least Jan could not have seen the broadcast before it was broadcast and he was so embarrassed in public?

The answers were not received, also in RTL's own program Boulevard . Jan is fortunately not lost yet and continues to believe in a new format that suits him.


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Not everyone can like you

In life you prefer to hear that everything you do is fantastic. Your work, your private life, or your school: it is not for nothing that social media suffice with success stories. Life is just a lot more fun when everything goes well.

Criticism is rotten. Just when you have the feeling that you are a bit in order, you are told that something did not go well, or that you should have done something else. Yes yes, you have to learn from your mistakes, but making mistakes is simply not fun.

There are people who have made criticism their work. They look at films with a calculating gaze, listen to music or eat a plate empty in a restaurant and then determine what they think of it in a detailed piece or television program. Apparently we as people need it: why else would newspapers and magazines suffice with opinions?

Britt Dekker understands that principle, but it doesn't really make her happy. The presenter and reality star this week expressed anger about the review that AD columnist Angela de Jong wrote about her new reality series on SBS6.

"Many of you do not know her, but in our profession you have Angela. What she often tries and does is destroy presenters and programs with her pieces. Sometimes she writes so much about someone that the person is completely ruined. I often read it with a stone in my stomach because you do not want that person. I wanted to say something about it for a long time, but then you are afraid that she will catch you too, but that is already the case ", says Britt on Instagram.

Although the presenter says she understands that Angela also has to earn her money and run a family, she finds it strange that it has to go over others' backs. That people respond angry to the column of Angela, Britt therefore calls "beautiful".

Angela really doesn't mean it all that way, she made it clear in the morning show of AD : she thinks Britt is a very nice person, but the program simply wasn't put together and that is a shame of Britt's talents. Everyone seems to be a fan of Britt.

Source: nunl

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