Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres have together started a lawsuit against about a hundred anonymous individuals, who mistakenly use the names and images of the actress and presenter for fake advertisements.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this mainly concerns fake advertisements in affiliate marketing, a form of internet marketing in which advertisers reward their partners (affiliates) for the sales that the affiliate has delivered them.

According to the court documents submitted, the advertisements in question were designed in such a way that it appears as if they were news items or journal articles. The reports suggest that Bullock and DeGeneres recommend beauty products.

The actress and talk show presenter started the business to find out who is responsible for the nake advertisements. The two also demand compensation.

Also images of Dutch people used in fraudulent advertisements

In the Netherlands, John de Mol and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, among others, have fallen victim to misleading bictoin advertisements.

De Mol has started a case against Facebook, the medium on which the advertisements can be seen. A group of Dutch people has drawn up a statement in which they demand that Facebook take action.