The Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that reductions in benefits for Hartz IV recipients partially violate fundamental rights. Specifically, it was about an unemployed, who rejected a total of two job proposals and was subsequently deleted 60 percent of the basic insurance - he remained 150 euros. The man went to court because of that. The judges dealt with the question of whether it is allowed to delete benefits that are essential for survival as punishment for several months. They decided that months-long benefit cuts for Hartz IV recipients who do not fulfill their obligations, must be mitigated.

Every year, according to statistics from the Federal Employment Agency, more than 900,000 such sanctions are imposed. They affect about three percent of benefit recipients. Sanctions can not only be imposed on rejected job offers, but also if the unemployed person does not take part in measures such as application training or terminates them. The most important reason for sanction, however, is that jobseekers do not take on binding deadlines.

We would like to know from you: What do you think about the Karlsruhe judgment? Do you consider sanctions appropriate for Hartz IV recipients? Have you yourself experienced performance reductions? What alternatives do you see to sanction practice?

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