World Vegan Day is on November 1. A good time to reflect on vegetable food. Because suppose you want to do that (more often), how do you actually approach that?

According to the Dutch Association for Veganism (NVV), the official explanation of veganism is as follows: veganism is a lifestyle in which - as far as practicable - all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or other purposes are abandoned. .

People who eat vegan go a step further than vegetarians, because in addition to meat and fish, they also do not eat animal products such as egg. The number of vegans in the Netherlands is growing rapidly. In 2016, the NVV estimated the number at 50,000. There are now around 121,000.

Lisette Kreischer has been a vegan for almost twenty years, winner of the first Vegan Award in 2010, co-creator of The Dutch Weed Burger and author of the book and blog Man . Eat . Plant. She gives tips on how to easily replace animal ingredients with vegetable products.

Eat vegan by removing the animal and putting the plant in it

If you want to eat more plant-based, try dishes that you are used to making vegan. " Take the animal out and put the plant in," says Kreischer. "There is a vegetable equivalent for almost every animal ingredient."

"Make vegan carbonara pasta by replacing bacon with dried tomatoes." Lisette Kreischer, vegan expert

She mentions a number of examples. "With lasagna, use vegan minced meat for the tomato sauce, and make a bechamel sauce with milk from soy, oats or almond. With pasta carbonara, enrich the pasta with crispy fried sun-dried tomatoes instead of bacon. It gives the same kind of salty taste. make pizza with a homemade tomato sauce, vegetables of your choice and vegan Parmesan cheese. "

This is how you eat vegetable more often:

  • Learn and read about veganism
  • Make your favorite recipe vegan
  • Search for simple vegan recipes
  • Take small steps, for example start with vegan food once a week
  • Ask your friends to come to a vegan restaurant

In short, learn about vegan dishes. "Find out how you can replace milk, cream, cheese and eggs," says Kreischer. "If you are used to making a cake batter with egg, take apple sauce, banana, linseed jelly or the moisture of chickpeas or aquafaba instead. Maybe you get to know new products, but you can also use familiar products in a different way. "

You can easily make a vegan cake by using banana, for example. (Photo: 123RF)

Search online for inspiration for vegan dishes

The search engine is your best friend. "Search for simple vegan recipes and you will see that a whole new world opens up for you. The same naturally applies to Instagram." Kreischer also recommends taking small steps. "For example, start eating vegan once a week. And be amazed by the enormous amount of possibilities that can be created with all nuts, grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit, seeds, herbs, mushrooms and also seaweeds."

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If you are invited for a birthday, take a vegan apple pie with you. "Not only can you eat it yourself, everyone likes to get an apple pie and at the same time you can explain how easy it is to make a pie vegan."

And if you go out to dinner with friends and prefer to eat vegetable, take the initiative yourself. Kreischer: "Ask them for a good vegan restaurant, but prepare your friends. And take them with you in your enthusiasm."

Useful sites with vegan recipes


At you can find vegan restaurants around the world.