Samantha Steenwijk has won the final of Dancing with the Stars on Saturday evening. With her dance partner, she got the most votes from the audience

After her win, Steenwijk thanked the audience for voting, the team with Dancing with the Stars. She also thanked her home front because she had been "insufferable" lately.

Other participants in the program included Bibian Mentel, Anouk Hoogendijk and Barrie Stevens. Mentel, who is in a wheelchair after being treated for a tumor in her neck, was told a week before the final that a new tumor was discovered in her lower back.

Despite this news and the chance that she makes an "extreme movement" by dancing, breaking her back and getting a spinal cord injury, she decided to take part in the dance program.

The participation of Steenwijk was initially uncertain, after a big accident hit her big toe on Friday. A few hours before the broadcast, it became known that the singer was still fit enough to participate.

Jim Bakkum and Jamai Loman are among the previous winners

The presentation of the fifth series of Dancing With The Stars is in the hands of Chantal Janzen and Tijl Beckand. The new season began on September 9, ten years after the program was last seen on Dutch television. The judging was done by Irene Moors, Dan Karaty, Euvgenia Parakhina and Louis van Amstel.

Earlier, Tooske Ragas, Keizer, Berget Lewis, Rutger Vink, Gijs Staverman and Jamie Trenité were eliminated. The latter had to leave the program due to an injury.

Earlier winners include Jim Bakkum, Helga van Leur and Jamai Loman.