A group of well-known Dutch people, including Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Marco Borsato and Humberto Tan, have jointly drawn up a statement in which they request Facebook to act against bitcoin advertisements. Here their names and photos are used. The Dutch think that Facebook has so far failed to take action.

"These ads are particularly harmful, many consumers have already been duped and have lost large sums of money. Those whose names and photos are used are looked at," the group writes in a statement shared by EenVandaag . The senders also include Alexander Klöpping, Herman den Blijker, Jort Kelder, Nikki Herr, Rik van de Westelaken, Ruud Feltkamp and Waylon.

In the statement you can read that the Facebook group has already been addressed several times, but that the advertisements continue to appear. According to Dutch people, the social medium states that it is merely an intermediary and therefore cannot and need not act.

"However, it is Facebook that has set up, controls and manages the advertising system and earns a lot of money with it. Facebook runs away from its responsibility."

In the statement you can read that the signatories of the statement think that Facebook should take measures. "If Facebook does not take voluntary measures, it must be forced to do so."

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De Mol started preliminary relief proceedings against Facebook

The statement was shared just before the follow-up in the lawsuit between Facebook and John de Mol. who have so far not been able to agree on the measures that the social medium can take to prevent misleading advertisements in which the producer can be seen.

"The fact that several of these well-known Dutch people publicly support my case through this statement indicates how important they think this case is," says De Mol's response to EenVandaag .

"I very much appreciate their gesture and sincerely hope that my summary proceedings will lead to Facebook misleading consumers through these fake advertisements to stop in the short term."

De Mol started summary proceedings against Facebook after his name and image were used for misleading bitcoin advertisements. He wants the social network to take measures against the advertisements and he wants the data of the person behind the advertisements.

Facebook has since responded to EenVandaag . "We are working hard in this area on better detection, assessments and on identifying accounts and page managers that violate our policies. Many misleading advertisements come from hacked accounts and fake accounts, and we are increasingly committed to remove it. "