Peter van der Vorst, program director at RTL, called Matthijs van Nieuwkerk about a possible switch to his channel. He explains this at the table at Van Nieuwkerk's program De Wereld Draait Door .

Van der Vorst discusses his highlights of his new job at RTL and tells how Eva Jinek's transition from the NPO to RTL started with a phone call. In addition, the program director, Beau van Erven, persuaded Dorens to present a late-night show by picking him up from Schiphol.

"I am not yet waiting for Schiphol," responds Van Nieuwkerk when table-leader Marc-Marie Huijbregts tries to check whether the presenter is thinking about a transfer. Van Der Vorst admits that he has called Van Nieuwkerk about it. Nothing specific is told about the outcome of this conversation. "He is a winner in his field and they are always welcome with us", says Van der Vorst.

Van der Vorst further states that he does not have the illusion that Eva Jinek immediately gets the same ratings with her talk show on RTL as with the NPO. He does not want to be tempted to mention numbers, but states that he hopes that she will achieve at least comparable figures to Beau. The talk show by Van Erven Dorens reaches between 400,000 and 500,000 viewers per episode, according to Van der Vorst.