Singer Lizzo denies having committed plagiarism on Twitter on Wednesday with the song Truth Hurts . She filed a lawsuit against producers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, who accused her of copying their song.

According to the American producer duo, after a recording session with them, Lizzo has music chords and the text " I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100 per cent that bitch (I just had a DNA test done, I prove one hundred percent to be that bitch, ed.) ".

Lizzo recorded the song Healthy during those recordings. She would have sung the same lyrics in that song.

However, the singer denies this in all keys. She writes on Instagram and Twitter on Wednesday: "The men who claim that a piece of Truth Hurts is theirs did not help me write the song. They had nothing to do with the rule and the way I sang it. That song is my life and its words are my truth. "

Duo would already have given up work

"Today we have filed a lawsuit on behalf of Lizzo to establish that Justin and Jeremiah Raisen are not the authors of the song Truth Hurts and therefore should not benefit from the success of the song," said Lizzo's lawyer Cynthia Arato in a statement to Variety .

Arato states that the duo did not work with Lizzo to make the song. "That's why they explicitly renounced every claim months ago," the lawyer said.

The 31-year-old Melissa Viviane Jefferson, as Lizzo is really called, scores a big hit this year with Truth Hurts . In 2018, British singer Mina Lioness accused Lizzo of plagiarism with Truth Hurts . The American singer is said to have copied a text from a tweet from the British.

Lizzo also said in her post that she plans to share part of the proceeds from the song with Lioness. "I heard later that the text came from a tweet. The creator of the tweet is the person with whom I share my success, not with these men," she concludes.


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