The continuing flight ban on Boeing's 737 Max medium-haul jet caused a sharp drop in profits for the US aircraft manufacturer in the third quarter. The bottom line, the manufacturer earned the equivalent of about 1.1 billion euros, just under half as much as a year earlier, he said in Chicago. Turnover slumped by 21 percent to nearly 18 billion euros due to the stopped delivery of the previously most popular aircraft.

After two crashes, regulators around the world imposed a flight ban on the machine type in March. Boeing had even booked a billion loss in the second quarter. A total of 346 people were killed in the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The crash of an Indonesian passenger aircraft Boeing 737 Max less than a year ago, according to findings of the investigating authorities also due to insufficient information from the US manufacturer in dealing with problems in the on-board system. It is said that a malfunction of the control system caused the accident. Shortcomings in flight crew communication and manual control of the aircraft also contributed to the crash. This is clear from the final report, which was presented to families of victims in advance.

Meanwhile, from the end of 2020, the company will provisionally slow down the production of its 787 "Dreamliner" widebody jet. In addition, he postpones the first delivery of the modernized jets 777X for technical problems now at the beginning of the year 2021. "Highest priority continues to have the safe return of the 737 Max in the flight operations," said Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg.