Actress Annick Boer lost her pleasure in singing and acting because she got singing anxiety in 2017 during the rehearsals for the musical The Bridges of Madison County . She couldn't sleep anymore, she says in conversation with De Telegraaf .

"While rehearsing the musical The Bridges of Madison County, I was bothered by singing anxiety," said the 48-year-old actress. "There were two difficult words and notes in a song that got me so fixated that I started to breathe the wrong way. I couldn't even sleep anymore. It's so bad when you suddenly develop such anxiety after all these years, while you have already passed the retraining age ".

Boer got over her singing fear with help. "Marleen Dewes, who wrote the book Stage Heroes , finally gave me handles to look into my fear", the actress explains. "It's always less bad than in your own head. Funnily enough there were people who said to me after the show:" That song was really written on your voice. " They had to know what a fight that was. But luckily the fun is back. "

As a voice actor, Boer played the role of Dory in the animation film Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory . She won a Johnny Kraaijkamp Musical Award in 2007 for her supporting role in the musical Doe Maar . The born Hilversum stands with her solo performance. That is well done! in the theaters. The show can be seen in 2019 up to and including 11 November and will be repeated in 2020.

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