Chantal Janzen and her husband Marco Geeratz paid for their wedding from the detergent advertisement that the presenter made a few years ago. However, she does not just want to be the face of a certain brand, says Janzen in her own magazine & C.

Forty-year-old Janzen says she was offered the opportunity to recommend a certain vitamin brand. "I could get the power to promote a jar of vitamins on Instagram every month," says the presenter.

"About 1.5 tons. But I couldn't do it. I have to stand behind a brand, really use it, be a fan."

That did apply to another brand, for which the presenter advertised in 2014. "My wedding had already been and I had paid for it from a previous detergent advertisement. So that was no longer necessary."

Janzen married Geeratz at the end of 2014 and celebrated her wedding party in London. She did this in the company of several famous Dutch people, such as Linda de Mol and Paul de Leeuw.