“The typhoon is not defeated” The schedule is reduced and the festival is held on October 19, Ibaraki, 14:50

A cultural festival is held at a high school in Daigo-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, where the Kuji River was flooded and flooded.

In Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, the Kuji River was flooded and the center of the town was flooded. There was also damage to collapse.

Under these circumstances, cultural festivals are held in a form that reduces the program, such as canceling some of the events, students are opening many stores, and works produced in class are being exhibited in the school building. The

Among them, in the classroom where art works were displayed, there was a work written as "Don't lose to a typhoon, Daishibe Daishitama" to cheer up the town. The student who made it suddenly said, “My friends and relatives suffered great damage such as flooding on the floor, so I tried to make it a little courageous. I hope to become. "

A woman in Daigo-cho who visited the school festival said, “There was no damage at home, but the town was very damaged, so it was really appreciated that a school festival was held.”

The school principal decided to hold the school festival, “I thought about the cancellation, but on the contrary, I decided to deliver a smile because of this kind of situation. It ’s full. ”