The appeal by rapper Boef will be dealt with on 27 January by the court in Den Bosch. Boef was sentenced to eighteen months' driving cancellation because he drove several times too fast. He appealed against this.

Boef, real name Sofiane Boussaadia, was caught breaking the speed limit in 2016. He would have driven at least six, possibly seven times too fast. For this he also had to pay 6,500 euros. The artist often recorded his journeys on camera. The videos were viewed en masse on YouTube and Dumpert.

Boef drove 181 per hour in an area where a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour applied. He also drove the A67 at a speed of more than 289 kilometers per hour, 248 kilometers per hour on the A2 and 293 kilometers per hour on the A58. He also committed a number of violations in August of that year.

"He used the road as a race track"

The judge stated that Boef created life-threatening situations with his driving behavior. "Unsuccessful drivers of other vehicles could never have responded adequately to him and he could not respond to them. He used the road as a racetrack. Fortunately this did not lead to casualties, is not his credit."

The rapper's lawyer stated that the images that the rapper shared were manipulated and that it is therefore not possible to say with certainty that Boef was the one who committed the violations. The artist would also regularly lend his car to third parties.

Penalty imposed driving prohibition was partly conditional

At the same time, the judge took into account the age that Boef was then. "He was still very young in 2016 and has developed positively in recent years. That pleads for him." For that reason, he conditionally imposed part of the driving ban.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) called the dollar rides of the rapper "excessive" and says that the speeds he drove "belong on a circuit".