In the process of an attack on a Jewish professor in Bonn, the defendant has been convicted of incitement. The court imposed a total sentence of four and a half years against the 21-year-old. The prison also includes a previous conviction for a robbery in the amount of three years and nine months, which the defendant is currently serving. Also, the accused was convicted of insulting in another case.

The German with a Palestinian immigrant background had confessed to having repeatedly beaten the Kippa from the US professor in July 2018 in Bonn's Hofgarten. "They have knocked off a symbol of the Jewish faith," said the Chair Judge Susanne Grunert. This would be likely to jeopardize public peace. The prosecution had demanded four and a half years in prison, the defense a maximum of four.

Professor Jitzchak Jochanan Melamed had been overpowered shortly after the incident by police because they mistook him for the perpetrator. A subsequent investigation by the public prosecutor's office came to the conclusion that the police could not be proven wrong. On the other hand, Melamed protested in a statement read by his lawyer Carsten Ilius at the trial on Monday. Ilius said at the conclusion of the trial: "Jewish existence - and this is crazy - will again be precarious in Germany."

On Sunday, Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) demanded to pursue anti-Semitic acts more consistently. The increase in anti-Semitic acts filled them "with great concern," said the Minister of Justice. Last Wednesday, an anti-Semitic attack in Halle, in which two people died, led to a public debate on anti-Semitism in Germany.