After the anti-Semitic terrorist attack on the synagogue in Halle an der Saale, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier wants to visit the church on Thursday afternoon. Also planned is a meeting with Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU), as the Federal President announced. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is also expected. He wants to inform at a joint press conference with the President of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, and Saxony-Anhalt Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht (CDU) about new findings.

The mayor of the city, Bernd Wiegand (non-party), described Halle as colorful and diverse. "Halle is not a far-right center," Wiegand said in the ZDF morning magazine. On the contrary, we go "quite consistently against right". Right-wing extremism was "not necessarily a topic in our city, but a problem of the whole society," said Wiegand. Unfortunately, Halle has become a crime scene. "We have to work harder."

On Wednesday afternoon, an armed assassin attempted to storm the synagogue in Halle. It was fully occupied because of the high Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. The attacker failed at the locked door. He then shot dead two people before he was arrested by the police. At least two people were injured. The perpetrator is, according to first findings, a far-right. He filmed the act with a helmet camera. The video is a right-wing confession. He also left behind an anti-Semitic manifesto.

The president of the Central Council of Jews made serious allegations against the police. "The fact that the synagogue in Halle was not protected by the police on a holiday like Yom Kippur is scandalous," said Schuster. "This negligence has now avenged itself bitterly." Only happy circumstances would have prevented a massacre, said Schuster. "The brutality of the attack exceeds anything previously seen in recent years and is a deep shock to all Jews in Germany."

The forensics police continued on Thursday morning in about 15 kilometers away Landsberg (Saalekreis) on. The previously extended exclusion zone has been reduced. Again and again police cars drove off the highway around the town. The scene in Halle was sealed off shortly after the attacks, several houses were searched.