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The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has announced this year's Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino have been awarded for the development of lithium-ion batteries.

The lightweight, rechargeable and powerful batteries would be used in numerous products such as cell phones, laptops and electric vehicles, the academy explained. They can store large amounts of solar and wind energy, making a world free of fossil fuels, as the saying goes. Born in 1922, Goodenough is the oldest Nobel laureate ever.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded since 1901. Last year, the US biochemist Frances Arnold and the two molecular biologists George Smith and Gregory Winterer were awarded, who had developed with the principles of evolution novel proteins, including biofuels and drugs.

Already on Monday, the Medical Prize was awarded to three researchers from the US and Great Britain for their findings on the oxygen supply to cells. The Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday was awarded to three explorers of the universe from Switzerland and Canada. The Nobel Prize for Literature follows on Thursday, which will be awarded twice exceptionally. On Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded and on Monday, the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Traditionally, the awards will be handed over on December 10, the day of the founder Alfred Nobel's death. The Nobel Prize winners will receive a certificate and the golden medal Nobel shows in Oslo. In addition, they will receive a prize money of currently nine million Swedish kroner, the equivalent of around 830,000 euros.

2019 Chemistry Laureate John Goodenough gives the lithium battery potential, # # NobelPrize

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