Sophie Hilbrand believes that young artists such as Maan and Lil 'Kleine could make a difference in the image that young people have of the male / female distribution.

In conversation with VARAgids , the presenter says that she thinks that many things are sexualized and then get the stamp 'feminist'.

"Take Beyoncé, by the way, a great figurehead for the woman as far as I'm concerned, who then sings a song of Nina Simone in short shorts with her buttocks hanging. Simone always sang in long, concealing robes. Then you listen to the text more easily. then when there is a half-naked woman standing there. "

The 44-year-old presenter mentions singer Maan de Steenwinkel, which she really likes, as another example. "Now I hear her sing:" He is mine, only mine, I do him the best every night. "The shivers ran down my back! All the girls between 14 and 16 are fans of Maan. She could make the difference to make."

On the other hand there are artists like Lil 'Kleine. "Who recently had a child and whom I heard in an interview with a dirty face say:" I'm not going to change the diaper, I'll leave that to my girlfriend. " Those are old-fashioned role patterns in 2019. "