Omroep MAX is coming out at the end of this year with Doorbakken, a new Heel Holland Bakt chat program, presented by Irene Moors.

The broadcaster reports that the first broadcast of the program from Christmas Day will be shown weekly on Wednesday evening on NPO1.

Smaakt naar Meer , the afterthought of the baking program that was broadcast since 2016 and was presented by André van Duin, was canceled in the spring of 2019. The decision was made because it does not fit into the Entertainment policy line of the NPO, which includes that titles that are viewed too little for two consecutive years by groups that are difficult to reach (viewer groups aged 13-49) are taken from television.

A spokesperson for Omroep MAX informed at the time that the broadcaster hopes to be able to produce another season from Smaakt to Meer . "Because the decision is a consequence of the new Media Act, something will have to change in it. If one does stick to this legislation, then MAX will come up with an alternative after-talk program from Heel Holland Bakt that attracts a wider audience."

In Smaakt naar Meer , Van Duin discussed the last broadcast with three well-known Dutch people. In the last season, the program attracted an average of over 600,000 viewers.