René and Natasja Froger receive a wishing program on RTL 4. The program will be called Lieve Frogers , revealed Natasja Froger on Wednesday evening at RTL Boulevard .

According to the presenter, the Frogers had no ears for a reality soap, "That's not what I like. I always want it to be about something. So we ran brainstorming over the past year and this came out."

"Really a very nice format where people can send in whatever wishes they have, whatever it is. Whether you want to be married by René, you want to fish with our sons once or your football club has existed for so many years and you want us to celebrate; it's all possible. "

The idea for Lieve Frogers originated two years ago around the recordings of the program Greetings from . "In it we sat with our children in a house without a computer or telephone, so that we were really pointed out to each other. We really enjoyed it. The viewers also enjoyed it, so many questions were raised. With this new program as result."