It is exactly fifteen years ago on Monday that André Hazes died at the age of 53. The eccentric life song singer not only leaves countless pub hits, but also a striking life, which provides material for many stories and anecdotes. Frans Bauer and Gerard Joling, among others, share their dearest memory of Hazes with

Singer Dries Roelvink was a colleague of Hazes and knew him personally.

"I asked André around 1997 if he wanted to make a nice Dutch text for me on Tom Jones' song That Wonderful Sound . A few days later we met in a cafe in his hometown Vinkeveen, around 11 o'clock in the André immediately asked: "Do you want a beer?" We first had a chat, listened to the Tom Jones song and more beers followed. "

"At one point I saw two André Hazessen, but I had to go back to Amsterdam. André did not want me to drive and he called his regular driver. A little later a white limousine arrived." You have to take my friend Dries to Amsterdam "said André. My wife did not know what happened to her when she saw me step out of the limo. So it was an upside-down world, because normally André was the one who sagged. The lyrics of the song never happened."

Singer and actor Martijn Fischer played André Hazes in the film Blood, sweat and tears and also played him in the musical. He believes in me . Fischer will soon be entering the theater with a show in which he will be presenting Hazes hits to his audience.

"I never met him myself, but I do remember that he was a guest at Villa Felderhof . During his conversation with Rik Felderhof he heard a cuckoo in the background, which visibly disturbed him. He says: "Owl, I'll shoot him again." To which Rik says: "Owl? But that is a cuckoo? André listened for a moment and said:" Yes, damn it, it is a cuckoo. I pay 25 guilders a month to Nature Conservation, but this is not necessary? "

"André has an unimaginable sense of humor and I also think that this has dragged him through the years, also with the tension that came with the concerts. His humor and perspective were important weapons for him in his existence."

Martijn Fischer in his role as Hazes in the musical He believes in me, along with Rachel Hazes. (Photo: BrunoPress).

Singer Frans Bauer also knew Hazes from the trade.

"As a really young French, in my early years I was sometimes the support act of André Hazes. He was a very special singer. There was no one, including myself, who could play the song of life better than he was. That is of course also due to the scratches on his soul, but luckily I have always seen him do his best. "

"I have good memories of the craftsman that I was allowed to experience. Something magical happened when he was on stage. He has made this music great. Whoever plays his songs, it will always be a Hazes song and out of his chest be sung along. "

André Hazes died fifteen years ago

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Singer Samantha Steenwijk auditioned with a Hazes number at The voice of Holland and is also featured in several editions in the line-up of Holland sings Hazes .

"I never met or even seen André myself, but that didn't matter much. My relationship at the time had bought two tickets for his concert at the Amsterdam ArenA, but our relationship went out three weeks before the show."

"Hazes nevertheless plays a common thread in my career, even though he knows nothing about it, haha. I participated in the talent show Blood, Sweat and Tears (in which a folk singer, ed.) Was sought where I met André Hazes junior and Roxeanne met and audited in 2017 in The Voice of Holland with Hazes' song I live my own life For that I asked André and Roxeanne for approval, I wanted to feel their blessing, which they gave and when the audition was broadcast. , I immediately received a sweet app. "


View the Samantha Steenwijk audition in The Voice of Holland

Singer Gerard Joling knew Hazes from the trade and also performed with him, including during his last concert in Ahoy.

"I have often worked with André in the country. We were with the same record company and often in the same programs. He liked me very much and we often had a terrible laugh together. After his death I released the song Stay with me , on which we together can be heard afterwards and that has become my biggest hit. "

"I was also asked to sing at his funeral at the Amsterdam ArenA, but I didn't. Shortly before, I recorded a single as a tribute to the deceased Pim Fortuyn ( At your service , ed.) And then I got the all over the world. Later I regretted it, because you do something for André of course, not for the public. "

"He was one of the greatest folk singers we have ever had, as a young boy I went to his performances and I still sing his music. It remains a beautiful repertoire until the end of time."


Watch the video clip of Gerard Joling and André Hazes - Stay with me (2007)

Frans Duijts started his career as a Hazes imitator.

"I came across André from time to time at performances, but had never spoken to him. At a show of his at the Van der Valk hotel in Tiel, my brother-in-law at the time had arranged for me to have a few more songs after his performance I was called back and even allowed to come into André's dressing room. That was a dead moment. I am not nervous for anyone, but for him ... I did not get out of my words. "

"André is my great hero, because of this man my singing career started. The conversation was not entirely flawless through my nerves, but it was a confirmation to me that it was a real person. Now, seventeen years later, I am working with a large part of the team that worked with André at the time. That is very special, because he is a legend, and much more after his death. " has also approached the management of Hazes' children André and Roxeanne. "She will give it attention in her own way", is the reaction of Roxeanne Hazes' management. André Hazes management did not respond.