Sharid Alles, who has been the channel manager of 3FM for more than a year, believes that the listening figures of the channel will increase again. The radio station is struggling with a falling market share and sees competing stations pass by.

"Of course that is frustrating", says the 38-year-old Everything about this in conversation with the AD (€). "But you can now see for the first time since I have been a channel manager that we are no longer going down. 3FM has plummeted, but we are now stable. From that position we are going to climb again, I am convinced of that. With radio that is now once extremely slow. "

According to the channel manager, a lot has happened in the past year to increase market share. "Not everything is immediately visible and audible. It is also partly in non-sexy things such as operational management. But the most important thing is: the programming and the music format have been completely overhauled. I am very satisfied with that."

Achieving the same success as in the heyday of the channel - ten years ago 3FM achieved a market share of just under 10 percent - is not the goal of Everything.

"Continuous comparison with the 3FM from years ago is not fair. Realize that the world has changed and the music world too, with platforms such as Spotify. (...)" But we have to become that top channel again, join the big stations. "

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