Still looking for a good film, series or report for Saturday night?, in collaboration with Veronica Superguide, lists the television tips .

Summary: 75 years of liberation: Market Garden

10.45 am - 12.35 pm on NPO1

75 years ago, the Allies attempted to kill the Germans with Operation Market Garden. The plan went completely wrong: the crucial bridge at Arnhem could not be retained, so that the north and the west were introduced into the hunger winter. From the Ginkelse Heide near Ede a live report of the Airborne memorial, in the presence of, among others, Princess Beatrix and the British Prince Charles.

Documentary: Jetske's Race: on the way to the Alzheimer's pill

21.05 - 22.00 on NPO2

Jetske is 38, is in the middle of life and is in perfect health, but she is a carrier of the Alzheimer's gene. Just like her mother, grandfather and grandmother, she can die at a young age. In order not to wait, she tries to launch groundbreaking scientific research into a drug. But that is not that easy.

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Entertainment: Dr. Pimple Popper

10 p.m. - 11 p.m. on TLC

Sandra Lee relieves customers of their problems: she takes away blackheads, cysts and acne. In this episode we see Brandi, who is afraid of having a huge pimple removed on her chest.

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Music program: Best Singers

8.35 pm - 9.35 pm on NPO1

The music of singer-songwriter Ruben Annink is central to this broadcast. He already appeared in The Voice Kids in 2012 and participated in De Beste Singer-Songwriter. His Nederpop is sung by Floor Jansen and Samantha Steenwijk, among others.

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Thriller: Deep Blue Sea

10.45 p.m. to Veronica

Biologist Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) investigates sharks. She breeds specimens with an enormous brain capacity, but discovers that this makes the sharks not only extremely intelligent, but also extremely aggressive. The sharks try to escape and set course for the open sea.

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