Although she has been on television for years, Linda de Mol also occasionally suffers from uncertainties and nerves. The presenter finds it important to be honest about that.

In conversation with, De Mol says that people often expect that they no longer have any uncertainties. "Then they say," Come on, at your age? With your record? " Yes! Everyone has that, right? So why shouldn't I have that? "

A week earlier the presenter told Eva Jinek at the table that she had been awake when her programs I love Holland and Postcode Loterij Miljoenenjacht started at SBS6. But she is also uncertain about her appearance.

"And I think 75 percent of women think so. It is precisely that naming, saying and sharing with each other that is very important," says De Mol, who therefore wants to discuss the theme in the programs they and Jildou van der Bijl, editor-in-chief of LINDA for ten years and now co-creative director, are developing for Net5.

"I think it makes you stronger if you dare to be vulnerable. The more honest and sincere, the more vulnerable, the stronger. Because when you have shared it, really not much can happen," says Van der Bijl.

Developing new programs

In that context, the program makers are also honest about the uncertainties involved in developing a new strategy for the channel. Although programs such as Grey's Anatomy and Masterchef are well watched on Net5, the self-developed Dutch-language programs have proved to be less popular with the public in recent years.

"That remains incredibly difficult and very complicated. What we rely on is a combination of expertise and data, but above all we also have to think very carefully about what we would like to turn on the television for. What do we want to see for ourselves and what do we absolutely not want to have missed? ? ", says Van der Bijl.

By using the channels that De Mol and Van der Bijl already have at their disposal, such as and the various LINDA. magazines, they hope to involve their audience in advance, for example in the talk show of Merel Westrik, which will be shown on Wednesday evening.

De Mol: "We want women to recognize themselves in what we are discussing, to feel safe and to talk about it with their girlfriends, sisters and mothers. That when well-known women talk to each other about how lonely they are, felt after the divorce, thinks: oh, so they have that too? If we can create that feeling, we are going in the right direction. "