Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the original star of television series Saved by the Bell, did not know that a remake of the popular show is being made. "I had to read it in the news, just like everyone else," Gosselaar told Variety on Wednesday .

The statements of the originally Dutch actor are striking, because Tuesday at the presentation of the remake it was announced that producers are talking to Gosselaar and some other actors who played in the series about a role earlier.

The actor says "never to have been approached". He would, he says, certainly consider it if NBCUniversal asks him for a role. Mario Lopez (Slater) and Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie) are returning anyway with a role in the series.

In Saved by the Bell, Gosselaar played the role of Zack Morris, around whom the series revolved between 1989 and 1993. In addition, adolescent themes from a group of high school students were central. The series received two spin-offs and a few television films were also produced.

The new series would revolve around the character Zack Morris, who now works as a governor of the American state of California. He comes under fire because he closes schools with students from the underclass. He proposes sending these children to schools with richer students, including Bayside High, the school that was central to the former Saved by the Bell.

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