Train passengers in northern Germany have to adjust to restrictions and delays. "The long-distance trains between Hanover and Bremen will be largely canceled," said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn. Also on the route between Hamburg and Hanover it could come to restrictions. "We recommend that passengers inform themselves about their connection before they travel."

Reasons for the failures and delays are among other repair work, said the railway spokesman. In addition, many trains and railway employees were not there due to the problems on Tuesday evening where they should have started their service in the morning. That could also affect regional connections.

Purchased tickets remain valid according to information of the course of validity. Tickets for the respective routes, ie between Hanover and Bremen as well as Hanover and Hamburg, can either be canceled free of charge or used for the journey on any train on the route within one week after the end of the incident.

Trees on the tracks and overhead lines

The storm had given the rail traffic on Tuesday evening, especially in the north and northeast of Germany, great problems: passengers had to resort to other trains, trees, rubbish and parts covered roofs were in the tracks, overhead lines were damaged. In Hannover, 200 people had to sleep in two trains. From another ICE, which was traveling from Chur in Switzerland to Hamburg, 150 passengers were at Nienburg in buses and drove to Hannover. 300 more people from the same train waited more than two hours to continue their journey. At 1.35am on Wednesday morning, the train then started moving again.

In Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe and Hamburg trains for passengers had been available for the night, but they were not used by them. The route Hanover-Bremen was temporarily closed. The train service between Hamburg and Bremen was diverted via a freight train line. Also on the route Hamburg-Hannover had it over several hours big problems because of a trolley line damage.

The routes of the railway company metronome were also temporarily closed. About an hour before midnight, the company then announced that all routes were passable again. Firefighters and police in the affected areas reported no major storm damage.

Trapped vacationers rescued on Norderney

On the island of Norderney, four water-trapped vacationers and a toddler had to be taken to safety by a helicopter. The group had climbed on a dune, according to the fire department on Tuesday in the east of the island and had dropped off an emergency call. Because of a storm, the flood in the North Sea was much higher than normal.

According to the German Weather Service, the peak of the storm was reached between Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening. At night, the wind had weakened significantly. During the day, the wind in the interior will be even stronger, but not as strong as on Tuesday.