As if you were sitting in a wet misty pond, your eyes just above the water level, and breathed with leisurely pumping techno beats through frog sound bubbles. A kind of amphibious act, to be heard in an early piece of music by Dominik Eulberg titled Die Rotbauchunken vom Tegernsee . More than 15 years ago, the nature lover from the Westerwald began to record animal sounds and landscape sounds in his surroundings, to sample them and combine them with Minimal Techno. The first album Flora and Fauna from 2004 appeared like most of his records on the Cologne label Traum Schallplatten, some EPs on his own label Apus Apus.

After eight years there is now a new album: Varied . The leaflet mentions more than music, the diversity of nature as a symbol of the symphony of being and the fact that the artist has an urgent mission. Scientists and interest groups such as the WWF warn that biodiversity has already halved since 1970. "The current album is all about biodiversity, because many people still do not really have it on screen, so I use the opportunity to add something to the reach of my music," says Eulberg in an interview. But do not worry, in the 12 new tracks with a lot of downtempo smelt you can still hear only animal or vegetable vocals - no hidden messages from Greta Thunberg.

In fact, Eulberg is a studied biologist, ecologist and Ambassador of the Nature Conservation Union. "I'm a conservationist in my heart, I grew up without a TV, and nature has been an entertainment and inspiration to me as a child, never dreaming of becoming a musician, but trying to make people aware of nature's beauty and protectiveness." he says.

Already as a teenager in the early nineties, he was fascinated by the rather abstract and seemingly contradictory natural electronic, technoid music. His hunger for knowledge promoted him from a natural to a sound researcher, cleverly he missed the own productions a scientific briefing: The sea eagles of the Müritz , The invasion of the crabs , The dance of the fireflies . There is hardly anything comparable in the broad field of EDM, rarely in whole sound carrier series the animated nature was celebrated. Exceptions include Wolfgang Voigt with his club-suited forest noise and the Swedish duo Minilogue.

First, Eulberg appeared mainly as a DJ and is still traveling on many weekends as such. Precisely for that reason (and a little bit because the pioneering days of the once rebellious techno are long gone and all legends related to it), he removed himself more and more from the continuous straight bass drum with his recordings: "During the week I lead a very calm, contemplative life I'm into nature a lot, so I do not feel the impulse to fabricate dancers in the recording studio. "

This explains the gently quivering Ambientzenarien and banging breakbeats on the new album. An insect-like rustling and whispering, even a few windmills seem to come from arthropods. "Actually, we're on a planet of insects," says Eulberg, using mathematical evidence from wild bees and beetles. Sun fly from mayfly as the first to twelve-point asparagus beetle as the last track title louder crawlies on manifold , only two species of birds and the dormouse fall out of the scheme. A penchant for numerics plays along here, for the album cover again made extra chic.

Biodiversity on the album cover of "Manifold" ©! K7

Anyone who tracks down the sonic subtleties wonders what else has happened to the three-toed woodpecker: The sound flow falter, it crashes and knelt as if a boar were chewing on the outside microphone. And in the track Zweibrütiger Fritillary Butterfly , which event caused the annoying booming glitches? They could come from a disused or seldom used military training ground, a noise biotope, where the colorful wildlife rages - big bugging in terms of biodiversity! Often, however, very different than the suspected sound sources underlie. If at 6:36 it sounds as if the ten-point ladybird had fallen into a puddle, Eulberg has actually taken on himself - while exhaling under water. In addition to the digital alienation, he contrasts the field recordings with an artistic dramaturgy that does not necessarily have to do with what one believes to be perceived. He calls it his intrinsic motivation, including the synthesizer's elicited female voices that have never been, a haunt for Hauntology fans? Meanwhile, the flowing, melodic feel-good tones applied with a broad brushstroke culminate in the video for the single Goldene Acht , a co-production with nature filmmaker Jan Haft.

In turn, the eye-catching five-dot ram , a diurnal moth with red dots, is in for an interesting polyrhythm. The subliminal triplets in the four-quarter framework seem almost rhizomatic, the synthesizer that swirls over the clock edge performs transcendental dance - for the urgency of protecting species. Thus, Eulberg effortlessly manages the balancing act between a certain biology teacher's charm with a moral forefinger and the image as a cool producer of contemporary electronic music. The ravende ornithologist, as he is also called, leaves behind the needless, spontaneous and rough of his early records and has matured in the increasingly complex tonal possibilities. He loosens the orchestral force of the previous album Diorama with a warm, bright basic mood. No revolutionary drumbeats, only these little joys of joy, that's all it takes for Dominik Eulberg's mindfulness mission. In Mannigfaltig it turns out to be a symbiosis of the best of both worlds, a light-footed elegance of lively buzzing and artificial hum.

"Mannigfaltig" by Dominik Eulberg has been released on! K7 Records.