Disaster prevention administrative radio can not be used and information is transmitted with the help of volunteers Chiba Kyonancho September 14 16:26

In Chonan-cho, Chiba, where power outages are expected to last for 20 days due to the impact of Typhoon No. 15, there is a risk that the disaster prevention administrative radio may not be used for a long time, so we started sending information with the help of volunteers. It was.

In Konan-cho, southern Chiba Prefecture, disaster management radio is not available in most areas of the town due to prolonged power outages, and the town is asking TEPCO to restore it as soon as possible.

Under these circumstances, if the town is incapable of transmitting information, the residents will not be able to receive the necessary support and the impact on their lives will spread. I made it.

Up until now, the city traveled around the town with a public information vehicle, but the town requested a new volunteer to bring in a car from 14th and receive support supplies and a place to collect household waste. It is to tell about.

Volunteer PR cars will run from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm until the power failure is resolved.

The person in charge at Konancho said, “In the midst of prolonged power outages, I would like to cooperate with volunteers to deliver as little information as possible to the residents.”