Frans Bauer, with De Bom, says he has chosen his most daring single so far, but it did not matter much if he had made a different choice. The singer himself was "somewhat timid" about it, but his sons convinced him that he should release the song, he says in conversation with

The singer always first plays his new music at home. "My wife and children are my first sounding board, and they were very enthusiastic about this song," he says.

Bauer released De Bom on Thursday, a harbinger of the album Ik Heb Je Lief that will be released on October 18. "Of course I am known as a singer of the life song, but De Bom is more a mixture of schlager, pop and dance. I think it is surprising for many people; a contemporary French," he describes the single.

"My father always said sitting still is a decline"

The singer says he wants to make a more modern sound with the album. "My father always told me:" Sitting still is a decline. " I want to continue to surprise my fans in the coming years. The album is full of the music I grew up with, but at the same time with the feeling of 2019. "

The singer does not yet know exactly how to describe the new genre. "It's power, it's dance, it's folk; I've created a new genre. Maybe I should just call it Bauer pop," he laughs.

Bauer does not notice the reactions of his fans that they have to get used to the new sound. "The first reactions are incredibly fun. It's overwhelming. I also get messages from people who say," Thanks, Frans, I can't get the song out of my mind anymore. " For me, that is the biggest compliment I can get as an artist. "

Bauer wants to work hard for the future of the life song

Bauer hopes to appeal to a young audience with the album, but emphasizes that his performances are now for all ages. "People from the age of sixteen to very old are at the front. I see boys with beers who can sing along, but also mothers and grandmothers. It is one big family," he says proudly.

He is therefore confident that the song of life will continue to be heard. "I try to make sure that the genre that I love so much remains loved. I hope that the life song will be supported by the youth in the coming years."

Bauer does not have to worry that he will get bored after the release of the album. The singer starts in January 2020 with a new one-man show in theaters. "Everything in that show is focused on me and the music that I make. That too will be very different from all the concerts I did before."

He is also working on new programs on television - which he cannot elaborate on yet - and sees his role as a coach in The Voice Senior as a milestone. "There are a lot of beautiful, challenging and new things in my life. It feels like a roller coaster in which I am also in the front."


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